Boswell Regional Center (BRC) offers specialized program options to Mississippians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. These programs are designed to identify the necessary supports for successful community transition. With collaboration between the individual, family, and community, dreams can become reality.

Community Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Services offer an extensive range of programs and services which provide living, working and support services for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. The primary goal of each existing program is to allow each individual to live more independent, while fulfilling his/her life in a community setting. Programs and services offered through this department include:
In Home Services:
Home & Community Supports are provided for individuals who live in the family home but require assistance with any of the following: bathing, toileting, transfer and ambulation, meal preparation, assistance with eating, incidental household cleaning, and laundering of clothes which are essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the individual. 
Support Coordination is a program designed for staff to become knowledgeable of the family's and/or individual's wishes and desires allowing appropriate services and supports to be arranged. Support Coordinators act as an advocate for each person, assisting them in navigating the service systems and maintaining satisfaction with those chosen services. Satisfaction is monitored by face to face visits at least once every three months.
Case Management assists Individual with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to gain access to needed social, medical, and educational services.
Community Living:
Supervised Living is provided for individuals who need an array of supports and services with appropriate support staff and resources. Staff are available twenty-four (24) hours a day/seven (7) days per week. Supervised Living services provide individually tailored supports which assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to living in the community. These services are provided in Group Homes, Supervised Apartments and Retirement Home settings.
Supported Living Services are provided to individuals who reside in their own residences for purposes of increasing and enhancing independent living. Supported Living is for individuals who need less than 24-hour staff support per day. Staff must be on call 24/7 in order to respond to emergencies via phone call or return to the living site, depending on the type of emergency.
​Medical Supports help to promote and ensure good heath and well-being. Additionally, there is coordination of the provision of medical care by local physicians and medical  providers. There is also a support of individualized nursing care which is provided by the staff as authorized by doctor's instruction or best practices.
Day Services:
Dream Makers:  Dream Makers, located in Magee, MS, provides meaningful and functional activities for older participants who need a change of pace. The atmosphere encourages older  individuals to maintain and even enhance their quality of life. Dream Makers offers a unique  experience where content is directed by the individuals served.
Dream Extreme: Dream Extreme, located in Magee, MS, provides activities that create, promote, and provide access to quality supports and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This program fosters choice in everyday lives, meaningful personal relationships with friends, participation within their communities, and dignity and respect as valued citizens. These services are designed to support each individual to live in the community and actively engage in their areas of interest.
Dream Haven: Dream Haven, located in Brookhaven, MS, provides
activities that create, promote, and provide access to quality supports and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This program fosters choice in everyday lives, meaningful personal relationships with friends, participation within their communities, and dignity and respect as valued citizens. These services are designed to support each individual to live in the community and actively engage in their areas of interest.
Behavioral Services:
ID/DD Waiver Crisis Intervention  provides immediate therapeutic intervention on a 24-hour basis to address personal, social, and/or behavioral problems which threaten the health and safety of the individual's and/or others within his/her current living arrangement.  
Services are provided using three modes:
    1.  Individual's Home -  2.  Alternate Residential Setting -  3.  Individual's Usual Day Setting
ID/DD Waiver Crisis Support Services are provided in an ICF/IDD setting when immediate specialized services are needed due to  personal, social, and/or behavioral problems exceeding the capacity of Crisis Intervention.
ID/DD Waiver Behavior Support and Intervention Services provide systematic behavior assessment, behavior support plan development, consultation, restructuring of the environment, training for individuals whose maladaptive behaviors are significantly disrupting their progress in habilitation, self-direction or community integration, and/or movement to a more restrictive setting if necessary. These services also includes consultation and training provided to families and staff working with the individual. The desired outcome of the service is long-term behavioral change.

Counseling Services provides individual and group therapy to address personal, social, and/or behavioral problems utilizing evidenced based practices, treatment plans, and progress tracking.
Employment Opportunities:
Supported Employment assists individuals in obtaining suitable employment found in a variety of positions in the local community.  Supported Employment programs are designed to increase the independence, community integration, and productivity of individuals through the provision of support services necessary to achieve and maintain competitive employment.
Job Discovery results in the development of a person-centered career profile and employment goal or career plan.
Pre-Vocational Services:
Boswell Industries offers and assists individuals through meaningful employment  opportunities with training in a productive manufacturing environment while making accommodations to ensure each individual’s employment a success. By offering a variety of work experiences and opportunities, each individual performs tasks in a workshop setting and is paid as subcontractors based on the individual’s level of productivity by piece rate or hourly wages. Supervisory assistance promotes speed, efficiency and quality of all products manufactured. The goal is to assure individuals’ employment dreams become reality.
Autism Services:
The Autism Program provides support to Adults 21 years and older with an
Autism diagnosis in a community setting. The homes provide an environment that is conducive to the needs of those with Autism while providing opportunities for involvement and integration in the community. The intent of this program is to provide the necessary support for their success in a community setting while moving forward to independent living. Strong emphasis will be placed on communication, training, technology, as well as, social, sensory, and behavioral interventions.
Boswell Regional Center has four homes for adults with Autism, including two in Simpson County and two in Lincoln County.
Link for the MS Statewide Autism Training:        MS Statewide Autism Training Initiative
Geriatric Services Include:

The Geriatric Program  will provide services/supports to individuals, age 55 years and older, with mild to moderate ​Intellectual Developmental Disabilities or with medical conditions that warrant this program at an earlier stage in life. This model will provide a variety of services, however the main focus will be to maintain and enhance present levels of functioning while providing quality medical services. This will be obtained through extensive assessments and restorative care.


Boswell Regional Center will provide services of this nature in two locations; one being on the main campus in Magee, MS and the other being a group home setting located in Copiah County.

Support Residential Services:

Short-Term Stabilization provides a comprehensive evaluation and treatment for males and/or females of 21 years of age or older with developmental disabilities who may also be diagnosed with mental illness . This program specializes in individualized treatment of people exhibiting difficult and challenging behaviors that are causing distress for the person and may be jeopardizing current or pending community living arrangements.

This program provides an array of services including behavioral and psychiatric evaluation and treatment, medical services, person-centered planning and pre-vocational programming. With a goal of less than 120 days, these programs and services are designed to identify the necessary supports for individuals to live successfully in a community setting.

Male Specialized Support P​rogram:
The Special Supervision Program is designed for males of 21 years of age or older who are in need of intensive behavioral supervision and training. This program provides continuous, consistent supervision to help acquire skills which will enable individuals to return to a less restrictive environment.

This program provides an array of opportunities to enhance adaptive living skills and promote a successful transition to a community setting. The treatment and services provided are developed through a person centered approach to include psychiatric services, behavioral intervention, individual and group therapy, and community living skills

On-Site Day Programs
The Day Programs at Boswell provide a warm, enriching environment that encourages individuals with intellectual disabilities to celebrate their unique talents through recreation, work, community involvement and expressive arts. 

Focusing on person centered planning and individualization, the Day Program promotes life-long learning opportunities through activities that stimulate mental, emotional, and social growth.


Activities and outings take place both on-site and in the community, and are specifically tailored to the individual's interests, desires, and abilities. Activities include such things as using computers, cooking groups, money management skills, shopping, job skills, art and music therapy, exercise groups, volunteering in community events and more. The services offered are designed to increase independence and self-sufficiency, and enhance the quality of life and self-esteem of individuals by providing them with meaningful life experiences.

Pre-Vocational Services (as noted above) are also available on site as well.
 Expressive Arts.JPG
Expressive Arts strive to foster each individual that has a desire in working with ceramics/pottery
to develop creative growth, build positive relationships, and pursue community activities that enrich his/her life.
The Expressive Hearts Choir of Boswell Regional Center provides to its members the opportunities to discover the joy of self-expression through a performing choir. It allows for each individual to share his/her musical gifts with others within the community. If you would like to schedule the Expressive Hearts Choir please contact Rudy Jackson at 601-867-5000 ext. 75283 or Craig Kittrell at ext. 75004