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Boswell Regional Center offers specialized program options to Mississippians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. These programs are designed to identify the necessary supports for successful community transition. With collaboration between the individual, family and community, dreams can become reality.

What's Happening Now

Employee of The Year Banquet 2016 | 4/27/2017

The annual Employee of the Year Recognition Banquet was held Friday,  April 21st at the Nutritional Services Building. Lashina Keyes of Fairway, Richard Brown of Community and Bobby Prince of Staff Development, were named as Boswell Regional Center’s Employees of the Year for 2016. Each employee is awarded with a plaque, a chicken dinner from the Magee Popeyes’s, a ZIP Burger from Zip Windhams Restaurant in Magee, an Employee of the Year Parking Sign, a BRC bag, a new name badge labeled EOY and $100 each from the Friends and Family Association of BRC.
The peacock décor was beautiful as one entered the doors to a welcoming spring scene. Clint Ashley, Director of  BRC,  greeted everyone followed by the Invocation by Bro. Rudy Jackson, BRC Chaplin. After a delicious lunch, the program began with announcing The Business of the Year Award. The City of Magee was awarded this because of the joined forces with Boswell Regional Center thoughout the years. Mayor Jimmy Clyde was present to accept this award. This year’s Eisenhower Durr Leadership Award went to David Tedford, The Longevity Award went to Martha Sharbrough and David Tedford. The Tracy Dampier Spirit Award went to Wanda “Faye” McInnis, this award is giving to a well-deserving employee of Boswell Regional Center. Faye is that employee! She goes above and beyond the expectations of her position and does it with a smile. Faye was awarded with a plaque, and $100 from Peoples Bank. The Tracy Dampier award began after Dampier lost his life in a tragic car accident in 2011. He was a dedicated employee whom loved the ones we serve.  Congratulations to all of the recipients awarded! We appreciate all that you do!   Please open to see photos.

March 2017 Employees of the Month | 4/27/2017

March 2017 EOM.JPG

EOM Feb 2017 | 4/3/2017

EOM GOV Feb 2017.JPG

January 2017 Governors Service Awards | 3/2/2017

Jan 2017 Gov 1.JPGJan 2017 Gov 2.JPG

EOM November 2016 | 2/1/2017

EOM Nov 16.JPG

EOM December 2016 | 2/1/2017

EOM Dec 16.JPG

BRC EOM Sept 2016 | 11/28/2016

EOM Sept 2016.jpgEOM Sept 2016 A. Durr.jpg

BRC EOM Oct 2016 | 11/28/2016

EOM Oct 2016.jpgEOM Oct 2016-1.jpg

BRC Gov Service Award Sept 2016 | 11/28/2016

GOV SER SEPT 2016.jpg

BRC Gov Service Award Oct 2016 | 11/28/2016

GOV SER  Oct 2016.jpg

Employee of The Month April 2016 | 5/26/2016

EOM April 2016.JPG

Gov Service Award April 2016 | 5/26/2016

GSA April 2016.JPG

Eisenhower Durr Award 2015 | 5/4/2016

In 2015, Reverend Eisenhower Durr received the Eisenhower Durr Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding ability, accomplishments, leadership and service to Boswell Regional Center. The past 12 years he has served as the President of Boswell Regional Center’s Friends and Family Association.
Beginning this year the Eisenhower Durr Leadership Award will be presented to a Director at Boswell Regional Center. The Directors nominate fellow Directors which admire and respect their peers, one that is loyal and dedicated to Boswell Regional Center. This year winner is Ronald Britt! We appreciate all that you do.

GSA Mar 2016 | 5/4/2016

Boswell Regional Center employees receive Governor Service awards in recognition of 10 years of state service each totaling 20 years!! Vera Green and Lonia Brown were recognized for their dedication to BRC at the April Directors meeting.  Congratulations to you both!

Employees of The Month March 2016 | 5/4/2016

During the April Director's Meeting, Boswell Regional Center recognized Employees of the Month in the area of professional/support staff: Employees of the Month for March are Greg Barnes; DD Community Services, and Lashina Keyes; Fairway.
Congratulations to you both!!!!  

Employee's of The Year 2015 | 4/28/2016

Lottie Keyes; Nutritional Services, and Nina Magee; Fairway were named as Boswell Regional Centers Employees of the Year for 2015 during the annual Employee of the Year Recognition Banquet held on Friday, April 22nd.
Boswell Regional Center recognizes Employees of the Month in the areas of professional and support staff.

Tracy Dampeer Award 2015 | 4/28/2016

The Tracy Dampier Spirit Award was award to a well deserving employee of Boswell Regional Center. This year’s winner is Connie Powell. This award seeks to recognize Direct Support Staff who, by virtue of their daily efforts go beyond the expectations of their position, promote a sense of dedication, humility, heartfelt commitment to the individuals served by Boswell Regional Center. The award hopes to raise the awareness of individual contributions to BRC, show appreciation for those individuals who contribute to the realization of these goals, and recognize those who excel in making BRC a better place to work and care for the individuals we serve. All Direct Support Staff are eligible to receive this award.

Longevity Award 2015 | 4/28/2016

The late Shirley Hawthorne Harper departed her life on April 9th just under a month before her retirement from Boswell Regional Center. She was a faithful employee for thirty three years. She began her career as a Direct Care Worker and through hard work and dedication she became a Mental Health Active Treatment Technician. She loved the ones we serve dearly and they loved her just the same. Shirley’s smile and laugher will be missed at BRC. Present to receive the Longevity Award in memory of his Mother was her son, Julian Harper.

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