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Boswell Regional Center offers specialized program options to Mississippians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. These programs are designed to identify the necessary supports for successful community transition. With collaboration between the individual, family and community, dreams can become reality.

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Boswell's Friends and Family Recognition Program 2014 | 5/28/2014

The program was held May 23, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. in the Boswell Regional Center Auditorium.  Several awards were given.

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Employee's of the Month April 2014 | 5/22/2014

During the May Director's Meeting, Boswell Regional Center recognized Employees of the Month in the area of support/professional staff: Employees of the Month for April

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Governor's Service Award May 2014 | 5/22/2014

​Boswell Regional Center employee received Governor's service awards in recognition of 10 years of state service. Vanessa Simmons was recognized for the dedication to BRC at the May directors meeting.

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